Appliances To Transform Your Kitchen

Between work, family, leisure and socialising, it can feel like there’s just never enough time in the day. And the last thing you want to spend your precious spare time on is household chores. These days, we’re lucky to have an ever-growing range of increasingly clever mod cons available, especially for the kitchen, which can do the chores and more for us. From washing machines that can refresh dry-clean-only clothes to speedy cooking without a microwave and being able to control almost everything from your phone, here are some of the best appliances and technology you might just need in your kitchen.


Smart technology for appliances
Through Wi-Fi-ready models or specialist apps, we can now operate many kitchen appliances from our phones or tablets, whether it’s from the comfort of our sofas or while on the go. You can start your washing machine while you’re out, and even select the best programme. Or use your phone to switch your oven on and set the temperature before leaving work. You can even buy a camera for inside your fridge, which you can access via your phone, so you don’t have to be at home to check what you already have before shopping.

Multi-function ovens
Not only can modern ovens be set up to operate at the touch of your phone or tablet, they’re also making the cooking part even easier. Now you can simply select the type of food you’re cooking, add in its weight and, if relevant, whether you’d like it medium, rare or well done. Your oven will then calculate the right temperature and cook time, switching itself off once your food is done. This function is great if you lack confidence in the kitchen, ensuring meals are cooked to perfection every time.

Some clever new ovens also have the technology to cook your food in half the time, which is handy if you get home from work late but don’t fancy a microwave meal.

Perhaps the most luxurious of modern oven inventions is the pyrolytic self-cleaning function, which uses incredibly high temperatures to burn off grime and grease. Once the process is over, you simply wipe away the resulting ash with a damp cloth, using zero elbow grease!

Steam ovens
In a steam oven, shown far right, boiling water generates hot, pressurised steam inside the oven chamber, which can cook most types of food. This includes fish, meat, vegetables, pasta, potatoes, rice and even bread and cakes.

Steam ovens are rapidly replacing microwaves as a fast and affordable means of cooking food, but they have other benefits too. Steamed food doesn’t dry out during cooking, which results in a better colour, texture and taste. Food cooked in a steam oven also retains more of its nutrients and vitamins. And because it’s not a dry heat, there’s no need to use cooking oil, which reduces the fat and calorie content of your meals.

If you’re considering a steam oven be aware that, due to the lack of dry heat, it can’t brown or ‘crisp’ food – so it’s not ideal for your Sunday roasts. But there is a solution: a steam combination oven. As well as steam cooking, this larger oven also includes a traditional hot-air cooking function, enabling you to cook different types of food at the same time, including anything you want crispy.

Warming drawers
Think of this clever device as a modern-day hostess trolley and, if you love to entertain, it’s just as handy. These integrated pull-out drawers will keep your freshly cooked food nice and hot until you’re ready to serve it – it’s also ideal for keeping meals warm if someone’s late home or you’re cooking several dishes at once.

You can change the temperature to suit your needs, so you can warm croissants, prove bread or even melt chocolate.

You can also use it to simply warm your plates before serving.

Boiling water taps
Boiling water taps are becoming an increasingly common sight in modern kitchens, and with good reason. Whether you use one for making your morning tea or coffee, to speed up cooking veggies or pasta, or for filling a hot water bottle on a cold night, these taps mean never having to stand around waiting for your kettle to boil. Instead hot water is instantly available, which saves time, and in the long term, after the initial cost, could save you money, as the taps are more energy efficient than boiling a kettle.

Newer models now incorporate hot, cold and boiling water in just one tap (with safety devices to ensure you don’t get burned). Some even deliver chilled and sparkling filtered water too.

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