German Kitchens

When it comes to German kitchen manufacturers, the national archetype is sleek, precise and high quality – just look at German cars, kitchen appliances and footballers – you’ll find the same precision in German kitchen design.
German kitchens are also about great ergonomics. These days, kitchens are designed in response to the way we use this space and the Germans are particularly good are making sure their kitchens are easy and comfortable to use, so you’ll find lots of clever details, such as fittings to maximise storage, and a choice of heights, which is a real bonus if you are tall.

Carcases are strong, veneers and lacquers hard-wearing – these kitchens are built in state-of-the-art factories by computers so you can be sure of accuracy and consistency, too.

Tailor-made to suit you

One of the great trademarks of a German kitchen is the sheer choice in cabinet sizes and fittings and that gives ultimate flexibility to create the kitchen you want, regardless of the shape or size of your room – it will certainly help make the most of every inch in a small kitchen.

At the Home Improvement Studio we have a number of Rot Punkt German kitchens on display showcasing the real cutting edge of these products. Combined with this our in-house designer can add their real flair and passion to make a truly unique and individual kitchen for your home to create stunning layouts.

The Rot Punkt Kitchens are delivered ready-built and ready to install with your choice of built-in appliances.

The great thing about the Rot Punkt kitchen system is really the choice and options that you can get, no matter what your budget you will be able to really get a great product and something that will last for many years to come.

Let’s look at some of the Rot Punkt features:

  • 22 different cabinet colours, there will be something to suit your taste
  • Ridgid carcases, with 17mm back boards and 19mm shelving that will provide reliability
  • Greenline Bio Board is used in many of the carcass options giving reduced weight by 30% without compromising on quality and stability
  • Handless variety with various different options
  • Rigid drawboxes with quality fittings with soft close mechanisms as standard
  • Integrated lighting rebated into the cabinets, so no more ugly wires or trunking
  • Brilliant storage systems that really make working in your kitchen a dream

So if you’re thinking about a new kitchen Rot Punkt German kitchens from The Home Improvement Studio would be a great addition to your home.

Contact our team today to find out more and how we could help you.