How do you combine granite of over 9 million years old, the latest in Smart Home technology and cutting edge German furniture?

That was a recent challenge for the Home Improvement Studio Team. Advances in Smart Home technology mean that more and more people are looking at adding media storage to their home, there is nothing worse than having lots of tangled cables dragging all over the room cluttering up the space!

The customer had been to a number of showrooms, including designers in Manchester and beyond, however they felt that they were not getting the look they were after. Following a visit to our showroom in Read, Rachel our expert designer worked closely with the customer to design something that not only complemented their TV and home cinema, but allowed the use of a fantastic piece of granite that was chosen by the customer. Providing a range of units and a bespoke lighting system that worked seamlessly with the smart system

It was a real team effort on installation day getting the main granite into the customers home, weighing in at over 250kg it was no mean feat and everyone got involved.

And the result, well judging by these images I think you’ll think is pretty spectacular.