MND Association Day

The Home Improvement Studio opened its doors at the weekend to a team of nurses walking 30 miles to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease Association.

The team played host to the walkers at the showroom in Read – the halfway point of the sponsored walk from the Preston MND Centre at Royal Preston Hospital to Colne Health Centre.

Well-wishers in Read donated home-made cakes and served drinks to the walkers, who enjoyed a welcome few minutes’ rest before continuing their trek. The event was also supported by Read Ale and Wines who made donations.

Martin Isherwood who runs the Home Improvement Studio with his wife Rachel, were especially pleased to support the walkers as Martin’s sister Wendy Bennett is a MND nurse at the Royal Preston Hospital.

As well as raising money for the MND Association, the walkers were also aiming to raise awareness of this incurable and fatal neurological condition.

MND is a rapidly progressive disease which can affect any adult at any time. It attacks the motor neurones that send messages from the brain to the muscles, leaving sufferers unable to walk, talk or feed themselves.

The cause of MND is unknown and there is no cure. Around 5,000 people in the UK have MND at any one time, with half that number dying with 14 months of diagnosis. MND kills five people every day in the UK.

Community Staff Nurse Julie Sala, who led the walk, lost her husband to MND.

She said: “We need to find the cause of MND to find a cure and I would ask people to donate to the Central and East Lancashire branch of the MND Association.”